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A 4 week immersion in the Indian / Vedic Sciences, traditions, literature and their modern application for Vedic astrology and life.

We discuss planets and signs using the vedic frameworks. 

We discuss astrology houses and other universal astrological principles. 

We explore the Vedic specific methods in Astrology.

Module 1 - focused around doing readings, and where we solidify the principles learned in Level I

The continuation of the Level II Course 

Level 3 Mastermind for Advanced Graduates

Grader Orientation Materials plus a Forum for Graders to communicate with each other and Jeff (Kali Das)

12 Signs 12 Legends Chart Reading Intensive, where I will deploy advanced templates and strategies. In this course I will read the charts of 12 famous people, one for each sign, so you can see advanced practices and strategies in action. 

A Course on Using Aspects in Vedic Astrology